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COVID-19 A letter from the CEO

In the light of what is going on in the world with the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic that we are all experiencing these days. Here at VictoryMade we want you to know that although we live separate lives, we are in this together and not alone.

Many are frightened by all of this and we completely understand what that is like, being isolated is not an everyday thing but at this present time it is a temporary norm.

We must practice social distancing, keeping our hands cleaned with the recommended 20 second hand washing method, and fight this virus by keeping yourself healthy. Exercising is very important to help strengthen your immunity system (highly recommended). Follow any guidelines instructed from FEMA and by the end of this epidemic WE WILL ALL BE OKAY.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the world. No one is alone on this one.

We are going to make it. This is how you can build yourself to greatness.


Team VictoryMade

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